Monday, February 8, 2010

(Girls Gone Bad) Mystic Order of LaShe's

Naughty and Oh so Right, The Order of LaShe's parade is Tues, Feb 8 at 6:30 PM. Talk about tough, in 2008, their float caught fire and, once the fire was put out, they smiled and kept on going, in true SHOW GIRL STYLE.

The LaShe's, traditionally one of Mobile's naughtier female parading societies, marked their 20th anniversary in 2009. There was extra singing, extra dancing and the presentation of former queens and emblems.

To mark their 20th year, there was even a Broadway-style opening number, and a young scepter bearer who put down his cargo just long enough to bust a move on the dance floor. They passed the scepter from queen to queen to queen.

So what's so naughty?

Well, in 2009's anniversary ball, there was a streaker who ran out onto the ballroom floor at one point. And there was one young masker, clearly a former gymnast (tumbling while intoxicated), who did a running cartwheel and flip.

In the party hallway, a lovely young woman in a purple satin gown got into a wrestling match with a masker.

Streaking, Drunken Tumbling & Wrestling? LOVE IT. Go see them Tuesday at 6:30 PM

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